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Rye, Rebels, & Restraint: Uxbridge During Prohibition

One of the first recorded transactions in Uxbridge was the sale of a gallon of whiskey in 1807, the same year that the village of Uxbridge was founded. This marked the beginning of a long and complicated relationship between alcohol and local residents that went on for another 167 years. 

The Rye


Rye, bathtub gin, moonshine - Uxbridge had it all.  Learn about the early production of alcohol in Uxbridge, the making of moonshine, and the history of moonshiners and bootleggers in the area. It's a sneaky story that runs deep in the town.

The Rebels


Joseph Plank and Joseph Gould don't just share the same name - their business both played a significant role in Uxbridge's alcohol industry. At this time, barbershops and hotels across Durham region had many secrets and spirits hidden behind their doors.

The Restraint


Citizens in Uxbridge held very mixed feelings on alcohol and many played a key role in the temperance movement in an attempt to keep alcohol out of peoples hands. These included activist groups, temperance advocates, and legislation. 

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