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Internship Opportunities

Interns can gain museum work experience, connections, and course credit while furthering their academic pursuits.  We accept interns in many different areas; including; Museum Education, Collections Management, Exhibition Development, and more.


Some examples of programs well suited to internships at the UHC include History, Public History, Art History, Museum Management & Curatorship, Cultural Heritage & Conservation Management, Museum Studies, and alternative placements for Bachelor of Education students.  Interested applicants should e-mail us at Please indicate your area of interest, your postsecondary institution, and your program of studies.

Board Opportunities

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Uxbridge-Scott Historical Society (USHS) Board Opportunities


The USHS operates as a 'Friends of the Museum' group to support the UHC through fundraising activities. The USHS provides valuable support to the UHC and advocates for Uxbridge's Heritage through items including; annual Heritage Day (Steam Threshing), fundraising events, organizing guest speaker events, writing newsletters, volunteering with special events, maintaining gardens, and more.

To learn more about the USHS, visit their website at

The following positions as well as general Board positions are up for election:

President: Chair the USHS meetings and oversee fundraising events, volunteer activities, and Board.

Vice President: Assist the President in all responsibilities and assume the President's role in case of absence.

Treasurer: Keep accurate books and file required documents to maintain Society's Charitable Status. The Treasurer will also distribute tax receipts for donations and produce financial reports where required.

Secretary: Write and record information from meetings and distribute where required. Write newsletter to members as required. 

To express interest, please email the USHS at with your name, position of interest, and a brief paragraph detailing any relevant experience and why you are interested in joining the board.

Deadline: January 31 2021

Employment Opportunities

The Uxbridge Historical Centre hires several contract, seasonal positions. These opportunities will be posted in the spring. Current opportunities are detailed below:

There are no opportunities at this time.