OBJECT donations

The Uxbridge Historical Centre greatly appreciates you thinking about the Museum as a recipient of your object donations.  However, similar to other museums, we are faced with very limited storage space, so we must be very selective in any new acquisitions to our collections. 


We ask all potential donors to complete an Intent to Donate Form with as much information as possible.  This will help determine the suitability of an object to be added to the collection.  We also request that you add photographs, if possible, especially of any identifying features (manufacturer’s mark, condition, etc.).

In order to accept a donation, we must be able to store and exhibit the item according to institutional policies. The items are evaluated and appraised using the criteria in our Acquisitions Policy.  If accepted, the donor signs a Deed of Gift, transferring ownership to the Uxbridge Historical Centre, where we will care for the object(s) in the collection in perpetuity, ensuring that we preserve the history of our community for present and future generations.

***Please note that an appointment is required when bringing items in for donation as the UHC is not accepting drop offs at this time.***